The results of the judicial general elections are in! I am thrilled to be heading to a runoff on November 3. I captured 48.73% of of the vote in a three-way race, which I could never have done without the help and support of an AMAZING team of volunteers, supporters, and friends. You gathered signatures for my petition to get on the ballot, you knocked on doors, you held signs, and you told your friends about me. I’ll need your help again, and I believe that we can win this together!

Please hang onto your signs, t-shirts, and buttons for the runoff–thanks again!

letter certifying signatures

It’s official! I’ve been certified as a candidate for 15th Division Circuit Judge thanks to ALL the help of volunteers who worked tirelessly over the summer to gather enough valid signatures to make this happen. I couldn’t have done it without you!

In the coming months, I’m still going to need lots of help to get elected. Please share my Facebook page and click here to find out how you can get involved.

Thanks to your help, I’m more than halfway to my goal of gathering at least 2,000 between now and the mid-September filing deadline. I still need to gather at least 500 more signatures in the next three weeks. This will save my campaign from having to pay an expensive filing fee and give voters an opportunity to get to know me. Can you help me reach my goal? If you’re a registered voter in Pulaski or Perry County, click here to print a petition page that you can sign and get nine of your friends, neighbors, co-workers, or family members who are registered voters to sign. Completed pages can be sent to my campaign committee at  P.O. Box 26151, Little Rock, AR 72221 by September 13.

“I’m running for judge because I want to ensure that everyone who appears in court has a fair chance to be heard. Our judicial system is needlessly complex for Arkansans with everyday problems to navigate. Modern-day technology and the widespread availability of information have transformed our country, but the legal system has made little progress in adapting to these realities. Our judicial system has to adapt so that Arkansas families can get the help they need.”