Amy Dunn Johnson for Circuit Court, 15th Division


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Testimonials for Amy Dunn Johnson

Please support Amy for judge! Having worked with Amy, I can tell you that you will not find a better candidate. She will be the hardest working, smartest, and best qualified candidate not just this race, but in any race on the ballot.

My friend Amy Dunn Johnson is running for Circuit Judge! Many of you may know Amy as the Executive Director of Arkansas Access to Justice. Amy has spent years working hard to bring equal access to our justice system to all Arkansans. She has also worked as an advocate for healthcare initiatives as a founding board member of Harmony Health Clinic.

She’s brilliant, even keeled, and compassionate. More importantly, she’d make an excellent judge.

Please volunteer, share, support, & vote for my friend Amy Dunn Johnson for Circuit Judge. Our legal system is broken. Amy understands that and has taken actual steps to make significant changes here in Arkansas. She is a champion for access, affordability, equality… for YOU! I cannot tell you how thrilled I am that she has thrown her hat in the ring. I cannot think of another person who could do a better job in this role than Amy. We need more women in these positions and we especially need more people like AMY!

I couldn’t think of a better person to serve as a judge. Fair, smart, compassionate. Well-qualified in all ways.

I’ve known Amy I think 27 years now, and am 100% certain she’d be excellent in this position. Amy’s dedicated her career to helping all Arkansans navigate our sometimes ridiculously complex justice system and find the legal resources they need. And she’s done a fantastic job of it, founding and leading organizations that provide the poorest Arkansans access to justice and legal aid, and advocating for fair, ethical legislation at every opportunity. I don’t get to see her nearly enough, but nearly 30 years since we shared a dorm at Hendrix she’s still among my favorite people. She’d be pretty much the best judge ever.

On to November!

The results of the judicial general elections are in! I am thrilled to be heading to a runoff on November 3. I captured 48.73% of of the vote in a three-way race, which I could never have done without the help and support of an AMAZING team of volunteers, supporters, and friends. You gathered signatures […]

I’m Officially a Candidate!

It’s official! I’ve been certified as a candidate for 15th Division Circuit Judge thanks to ALL the help of volunteers who worked tirelessly over the summer to gather enough valid signatures to make this happen. I couldn’t have done it without you! In the coming months, I’m still going to need lots of help to […]

Help Me Get on the Ballot

Thanks to your help, I’m more than halfway to my goal of gathering at least 2,000 between now and the mid-September filing deadline. I still need to gather at least 500 more signatures in the next three weeks. This will save my campaign from having to pay an expensive filing fee and give voters an […]